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Chasing Your Dream

Leroy McMath
LEROY MCMATH'S life story is an inspiring journey that led him to become a powerful businessman and author. His personal struggles and trials taught him lifelong lessons that he shares with you in this stimulating book.

In addition to McMath's suggestions and life lessons, "Chasing Your Dream" contains a workbook with a series of fundamental and thought-provoking questions that will motivate you to redefine your dream and assist you to evolve into the person you want.

The Best Years I Never Had

Frankie -- Keyshia Cole's Mom
In "The Best Years I Never Had", Frankie takes the reader through the pains of being a single mother, on drugs, and fighting to survive day to day. She bares her personal struggles and uses them to offer women real, heartfelt understanding and candid advice about sex, drugs, and overcoming adversities. People never tell all or tell the truth but Frankie gives it to you raw and uncut. If you like what you got on the reality shows this is a must have.

The Music Game

Leroy McMath
This book is packed with music industry survival tips from the mastermind behind the mega hits "Da Dip" and "Ain't No Future in Yo Frontin." This book was written to reflect changes in the independent game with lots of practical ways to survive: getting financing, distribution, as well as affordable ways of marketing and promoting a label.